12 Easy Fabric & Rope DIY’s To Update Your Space (On a budget!)

12 Easy Fabric & Rope DIY’s To Update Your Space (On a budget!)
Is anyone else addicted to fabrics and rope like I am?

I think the answer is probably yes, considering how many amazing suggestions you guys give me when it comes to what I should make with my latest fabric market haul. And while fabrics are an obvious choice for making clothes out of (um, duh) they are also AMAZING for crafting beautiful and yet affordable home decor. What I love most about fabric is that by creating a very simple project you can easily change the look of a whole room… without spending much money at all! Better yet? For many of them you don’t even have to be a pro in the sewing department. So pretty much anyone can join the fun.

DIY a new Headboard

That blank space above your bed is probably crying out for some sort of update, so why not make your own easy headboard? This one is amazing because you can switch up the fabric every time you have a change of heart…

Make it yourself:  Cushion Headboard

Add a little light

I have to say, I’ve become obsessed with the impact a light shade can have in a space. It’s not something I used to focus on but recently I realised just how much of a statement they make. Why not craft your own?

Make it yourself: DIY Macrame Chandelier | DIY Wire and Lace Lantern | Wrapped Mason Jars | Twine Lampshade


Put a cushion on it

Cushions have such a great way of updating a space, without being to extreme or expensive. Even better? When you can craft them using your own two hands.

Make it yourself: DIY Floor Cushions | No-Sew Bench Seat Cushions | DIY Leather Cushions | Pom Pom Trim Cushions

DIY Floor Cushion
Ways To Upgrade Your Rental Space


Hang some fabric

Beautiful drapes can be uber expensive, but they really do make a room feel warm and cosy… And like an expensive hotel! You can easily make your own linen curtains, without ever having to sew even on stitch…

Make it yourself: DIY Linen Curtains | Indoor Canopy 

DIY Linen Curtains

Rug it up

You guys know we’re allllll about rugs here, so why not make one yourself? All you need for this one is a whole lotta rope!

Make it: DIY Round Rope Rug | DIY Tasseled Rug

DIY Rope Rug

DIY Rope Rug
DIY Rope Rug

Enjoy guys!

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