A night’s stay on the actual Spice Bus will soon be on AirBnb

A night’s stay on the actual Spice Bus will soon be on AirBnb
Source: https://www.qxmagazine.com/2019/05/a-nights-stay-on-the-actual-spice-bus-is-now-on-airbnb/

Every boy and every girl wanted to spice up their lives with a ride on the infamous Spice Bus. With Meatloaf at the wheel, who knows where the Union Jack double-decker could take you. Well, thanks to AirBnb it’ll soon be driving you right into dreamland.

The original bus which featured in the 1997 cult classic Spice World has been made over into a kitschy-chic over-night pad, complete with pink Union Jack chairs and 90s memorabilia. 

You can book an overnight stay on the four-wheeler, double-decker on the 14th and 15th of June this year at Wembley Park if you’ve managed to scrounge your coins to get those reunion tour tickets. It’ll be available to book from the 22nd of May.

The bus was put together by super-fan Suzanne Godley, a Spice super-fan, wanted to give her fellow fans the chance to delve into some nostalgia. She shared:

“When my boss mentioned that he was considering buying the Spice Bus I was desperate to be a part of its renovation.”

“The Spice Girls were my childhood obsession. My parents were subjected to my tone-deaf performances as Baby Spice, and I must have watched the Spice World movie hundreds of times.”

Matt Alexander/PA Wire
Matt Alexander/PA Wire

To view the Spice Bus listing on Airbnb, visit AirBnb.co.uk/SpiceBusThe bus will be located in Market Square, off Olympic Way in Wembley Park and available to book for Friday 14th and Saturday 15th June for just £99 a night. The bus sleeps three guests maximum.

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