About Pink Fringe

About Pink Fringe
Source: https://www.marlboroughtheatre.org.uk/about-pink-fringe/

Pink Fringe was the branding we used to highlight our LGBTQ+ programming up to 2015-ish. We have now decided that queerness is in the DNA of everything we do at the Marly so we have decided to retire Pink Fringe for the time being.



We produce theatre, cabaret, comedy, dance, immersive art and entertainment, presenting an exciting and ambitious programme of live performance throughout the year.

Pink Fringe are committed to the ongoing development of artists making queer work and we run commissioning projects and development schemes to support this.

We have presented successful seasons of work within Brighton Fringe in 2011, 2012 & 2013. Each year Pink Fringe’s programme for Brighton Fringe is curated on an open-access basis.

Our aim is to challenge perceptions around diverse work, specifically art created by and about queer & LGBT people, placing it multiple contexts, some familiar, some new and unusual, with the aim of attracting new audiences.

“The Marlborough is a very rare place. Run by a group of totally dedicated passionate artists and producers, concerned with political programming from a progressive queer perspective, with deep and personal artistic care at its heart. From the moment you enter the pub on the ground floor you realise they understand the importance of safe spaces, of carving out havens for people who can be ostracised by wider society. This is a nurturing environment, with diversity in it’s blood – not just a tokenistic add on, and one that supports artistic risk and experimentation with rigour.”
Rosana Cade

Pictured above – New York legend Justin Vivian Bond who performed with Pink Fringe at Brighton Dome in Feb 2015


p align=”left”>Source: https://www.marlboroughtheatre.org.uk/about-pink-fringe/

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