APA apologises for calling LGBT “sexual deviation”

APA apologises for calling LGBT “sexual deviation”
Source: http://www.bicommunitynews.co.uk/9545/apa-apologises-for-calling-lgbt-sexual-deviation/

The American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) has issued an apology for their actions in the 1960s, classifying same-sex attraction as sexual deviation in its Diagostic and Statistical Manual and conflating transgender identities with bisexuality and homosexuality. The classification in the DSM led to many people being coerced into using traumatic and harmful methods to “cure” homosexual desires and non-conforming gender identities. […]

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p align=”left”>Source: http://www.bicommunitynews.co.uk/9545/apa-apologises-for-calling-lgbt-sexual-deviation/

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