Become a Marlborough Ambassador

Become a Marlborough Ambassador

The Marlborough Pub & Theatre work year round with pioneering LGBTQ+ artists with a particular focus on the T & Q, supporting and presenting extraordinary performance.

With the support of Arts Council England we aim to develop a network of Community Ambassadors, whose main goal is to increase & diversify the types of people that access the Marlborough Pub and Theatre and our projects across the city

We are keenly aware of the lack of accessible, safe(r) queer space in Brighton & Hove and want to address barriers, find new solutions and encourage new and diverse groups to find the space they need. We know our historic home doesn’t work for lots of people and groups due to physical barriers  We are also aware that non-alcohol related queer spaces are rare. We want your help to communicate widely with individuals and communities so we can develop a plan and adapt what we do in future.

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Please contact Ellis on for more information.

Closing date 31st July 2019


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