Celebs you never thought were on Instagram, but totally are

Celebs you never thought were on Instagram, but totally are
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Instagram has a lot of us rolling our eyes when it comes to famous accounts. If it’s not a Kardashian peddling appetite-suppressing lollipops, it’s a Love Island reject trying to make it as a Pretty Little Things model. SNORE. YAWN.

You might be forgiven to do away with it completely, but you shouldn’t do so before giving these unconventional celebrities a follow. Instagram doesn’t need to be Tom Daley in a speedo or Taylor Swift looking pensive in a cornfield – it can be Academy Award winners on the floor of their toilet at 5am from a very unflattering angle. It can be movie icons terrorising shoppers with a vegetable. 

Here are the celebrities you never thought would be on Instagram, but like, totally are:

Helen Mirren (@helenmirren)

With some celebrities, you can tell that a publicist has shoved them in a loo with a smartphone and asked them to take some posed selfies so they have something to post. Helen is not one of them. She can’t help but share her daily adventures, including not wanting to take off her dress after a day in Cannes.


Julianne Moore (@juliannemoore)

Despite what you might think, Julianne doesn’t spend her spare time getting in to character or practising curling up in the bath in an oversized jumper and crying. She selfies just like the rest of us. 

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I’m home 🏡! #newyorknewyork

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Goldie Hawn (@officialgoldiehawn)

Imagine having a casual stroll around a farmer’s market when out of nowhere in dances Goldie Hawn waving a head of kale. None of her posts make much sense but we love her for it.


Orlando Bloom (@orlandobloom)

He’s been about for so long it feels like it’s quite impressive he’s down with the kids. He just can’t stop himself from posting strange grainy photos of him doing the MOST. When he’s not feeding orphans in a third world country, he’s busy selfie-ing wearing ridiculous things. You do you, Legolas. 

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u up?

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Patti Smith (thisispattismith)

Who knew that the American punk poet laureate would take to Instagram as she has. The author, singer-songwriter, musician and poet has made the medium her own with gallery trips paired with gorgeously eloquent descriptions. 


Julia Roberts (@juliaroberts)

You’d think one of the biggest names in Hollywood would be way too busy to bother with the Insta, but this Pretty Woman can’t help but goof out on the ‘Gram.

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Hello? Happy Faux Boom Friday! 🍌

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Diane Keaton (@diane_keaton)

The Hollywood veteran has been vocal about her love of Pinterest, but turns out she’s a major ‘grammer too! She always serves major style-inspo, from looks to interior design, to strange interactions with her neighbours.


Oprah (@oprah)

Is there ANYTHING this woman can’t do? Her Insta-feed is maybe the most Oprah thing out there, giving us more Oprah than a discussion of Oprah Magazine on the Oprah Winfrey Network. We like to think that it’s a long-suffering Steadman who has to film these pieces to camera.


Tom Hanks (@tomhanks)

America’s kind neighbour Tom Hanks holds nothing back when it comes to posting on socials. He like, “gets it”, you know? The only issue is that he keeps signing off his posts with “Hanx.” like a letter passed around the back of a year 6 English lesson. This picture is QUITE something:

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Well, howdy partner! Where’s Buzz? Hanx

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Sarah Jessica Parker (@sarahjessicaparker)

Carrie Bradshaw would NEVER. It’s nice to know that there’s something a seemingly perfect person like SJP can’t do. As a woman who’s known for looking flawless at all times, it’s sometimes satisfying to see her missteps on socials. Last year she posted what seemed to be the inside of her purse, which featured her Blackberry (?) and a bunch fo hair (?!).


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