Charli XCX thanks the gay community for being the first to support her

Charli XCX thanks the gay community for being the first to support her

Charli XCX has thanked the gay community for being some of her biggest supporters.

The After the After Party singer, 25, has become one of the biggest breakout popstars from the UK in years having achieved major success both at home and around the world.

But that success didn’t come straight out of the gate, and Charli has revealed that she has her die-hard gay fans to thank for her initial rise to fame as an indie pop star back in the day.

“I feel like the gay community were among the first to celebrate my music,” she told Star Observer.

“They’re always the first to jump on board and rep an artist, and I’m always really happy and thankful I can play so many of my shows at gay clubs.

“LGBTI people always reach out to me and say my songs have helped them get through their relationship break-up, and that they were important to them when they were leaving their partner – I think that’s really sweet.”

The Boys singer went on to add that she believes it’s a pop star’s duty to speak out for minorities and “champion” them in a way that helps spread a message of positivity and love.

“I think as people in the public eye we have a huge platform, and it’s always important to champion causes you love.

“And the LGBTI community has been close to me because of how I came up in the scene and also I have a lot of friends that are part of that community.

“I always try to head along to Pride to celebrate and speak out for LGBTI rights,” she added.


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