DIY Macramé Christmas Tree

DIY Macramé Christmas Tree
Can you tell that Christmas is my favourite time of the year?

The decor, the DIYs, and the tunes! Not only is it the perfect time to have wine and cheese with friends, decorate like crazy and wrap those gifts… It’s such a great opportunity to get knotting! All to the soundtrack of my favourite Christmas songs. What’s even better is that Frankie has just started to really enjoy music, so I’m also loving bopping around the house together. It’s so sweet!

I’ve been getting creative with rope and listening to one of my favourite Christmas playlists from Sony. Macrame is the best project to do whilst listening to a great soundtrack – it’s relaxing and repetitive, the best kind of therapy served up with a side of Mariah Carey!

In case you’re a bit last minute in the Christmas tree department, we’ve put together this macrame mini tree, perfect for hanging on the wall with wreaths and other decorations. Read on to see how to make your own macrame Christmas tree.


To calculate your rope length, measure what the ideal height of your tree should be, then times that by 5. Cut four pieces this length. Fold your rope pieces in half and tie a reverse larks head knot on the metal ring. You will have 8 strands.


Using a half knot, start knotting using the four strands on one side. Knot until you get to the location for the first piece of pipe and leave a gap in which your tube will fit.


Continue knotting, fitting your pipe in as you go. I would suggest doing both sides at the same time until you get to your pipe. Then continuing with the next section. To finish below your last tube, do a full know and trim and excess rope.You can find a more detailed step-by-step for tying half knots at our macrame knot guide post!

A big thank you to Sony Music for collaborating on this festive blog post. I hope you enjoy their Christmas playlist as much as I do!

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