First Kisses: They’re Not Always Like What You See In The Movies

First Kisses: They’re Not Always Like What You See In The Movies

My first kiss was at a university party. He was a few years older, a stranger, and super fit — and after that night, I never saw him again. While it might not be the most romantic first kiss story out there, I was relieved to have finally gotten it out of the way. Plus, it was a lot of fun making out with him.

Although I was on the older side when I had my first kiss, people are having their first kisses all the time, at every age. Especially when you consider that the definition of “first kiss” can vary from person to person. You may consider your “first kiss” to be your first consensual kiss, your first queer kiss, your first post-childhood kiss, or the first kiss you actually enjoyed. You get to decide what “counts” as your first kiss — no one’s keep tracking but you, after all.

And when it comes to the age when you first kiss someone, there’s really no one “normal.” One 2018 YouGov survey found that 19% of 18-to-24-year-olds had never kissed someone — and that 15% of people in the same age range had kissed more than 50 people.

That said, it’s fun to talk about kissing and learn about everyone’s first time. So I asked Twitter to share their first kiss stories.

“Went to go see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with a friend. I was thirteen and bought his movie ticket. I came on strong and never actually saw who opened the Chamber of Secrets. He never paid me back for the movie ticket…” — Kelly

“My first kiss was with my first boyfriend and I was thirteen. I invited him over when my dad was asleep and we watched Can’t Buy Me Love. Then, we kissed. Our braces locked and we had to pull ourselves apart from each other.” — Lisa Stardust

“My first kiss was under a table at a bar mitzvah in 6th grade with my skater boyfriend. We both rocked Etnies skate shoes and he had that swoopy hair. He was always chewing Orbit gum. He took his gum out of his mouth and held it while we kissed for roughly four seconds.” — Rachel

“I was in New York for a work trip and we met up at a party. We’d been friends for years and hadn’t seen each other in months. We ditched the party and went bar hopping on the Upper East Side till well past one in the morning.

“We had left a bar and started walking towards the street to grab a cab when she looked at me, grabbed me by the face and leaned in to kiss my mouth. Her fingers combed through my hair, my hands rose to follow her lead. She matched the motions of my tongue as I did hers. We both stayed in the kiss until it naturally ended then slowly pulled back to examine each other’s faces. The moment was soft and gentle. It was my first kiss with another woman.” — anonymous

“We were both leads for a musical and our teacher wanted us to do the kiss a week or two before the show so it’d be less pressure to do it for the first time during the actual show. it felt like a LOT of lead up (also a few people were in the room and finishing packing their backpacks), so when he kissed me, I sort of panicked and let out a mini yelp! Not the most romantic, but uh, I defs won’t forget it!” — Julia P.

“First kiss went like this: I was in Curacao, where my aunt and uncle lived, where my mom fled to after being liberated, and orphaned, in the Holocaust, and where we spent our summers. I had just turned 13, and it was a week before the moon landing. My mom encouraged me to go to the Hotel Intercontinental dance with a guy whose parents were family friends and who casually went out with my older sister the year before (she was at camp that year).

“We danced (I think), he told me he smoked pot (I was horrified!) and then he took me into the garden area and kissed me, shoving his tongue down my throat. ‘What the heck is this?’ I thought to myself. ‘Eww!!’” — Vicki Larson

“Mine was 8th grade, just before chapel (I know, right) and leaving for Thanksgiving break. Everyone lined up to leave, and we stayed behind for a second in the classroom. My lips were hella chapped.” — Grace W.

“Mine was in 10th grade at a friend’s party with a boy who had pretty nice abs. He kissed me and asked me out because he was bi-curious, then later decided he was straight and ‘broke up’ with me over the phone at lunchtime (we went to different schools).” — anonymous

“I was 23 by the time I got my first kiss. I was on a Tinder date, he walked me to my car after a movie and leaned in for the kiss when I went for the cheek. He caught the corner of my lip and then I apologised and scurried away. On our next date, we were walking to get dinner and he paused and asked, ‘Can I kiss you?’ I said yes. Finally made full lip contact. My first thought was, ‘This feels weird!’ When he pulled away, he said, ‘I just wanna get used to doing that.’ Good thing he did, too, because we’ve been dating for over a year!” — Cat

“Movie style: Under a disco ball at a summer camp for gifted kids during the last dance of the summer. ‘Chasing Cars’ was playing. He asked me if it was okay if he kissed me (we love) and I, having had the biggest crush on him for the entire summer, said yes.” — Anna L.

“Behind a TGI Friday’s dumpster. He asked, ‘Do you like sports?’, kissed me once, and ignored me the rest of the night.” — Katie

“My first kiss was behind a bathroom building on the beach, between two storage units. The guy decided to start a relationship with one of my best friends later that night. They’d break up and he’d date on my even closer friend for years! Fun!” — Adryan

“I was 18. The guy had dip in his mouth. He used tongue.” — Laura

“We were both high school juniors and I had just spent months deliberately making it very obvious to my crush that I was better than his girlfriend-turned-ex just by existing loudly and warmly in his vicinity. He asked me to be his girlfriend and kissed me after I said yes.

“There are two morals to the story: 1) ‘Stealing’ someone’s partner is fake and a way of displacing blame. Either your partner likes you best or they don’t. And as long as you don’t cross any lines, you’re not ‘stealing’ anyone. 2) Sometimes playing the long game works.” — Harper

“I was a freshman in high school and he was a junior. He kissed me by my locker and told me he loved me, and then I RAN AWAY.” — Wandy Felicita Ortiz

“At a party freshman year of college, I was wearing my roommate’s gold sequin shirt as a ‘dress’ with patterned tights, and I’m pretty sure ‘Like a G6 ’ was playing.” — Ashley

“My first kiss was in middle school. We could only hang out outside and it was winter. In the Midwest. Long story short, he kissed me, stood up, pointed to my running nose (-10 degrees out!), said, ‘you should take care of that,’ and left.” — @ kyra_kat

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