Getting to Know Maria Hurtz – serving camp, camp, CAMP

Getting to Know Maria Hurtz – serving camp, camp, CAMP

Cabaret correspondent Jason Reid talks aesthetics, influences and happiness with Maria Hurtz.

How could anyone not love a queen whose name is Maria Hurtz? You may have to to think about it though, because it took us a while. And we’re happy to say that the act very much matches the name – pure, unadulterated CAMP! This week, Jason Reid got to know more about the one with the throbbing derrière…

Who is Maria Hurtz?

Maria Hurtz is a good-time gal who has done many things in life, but never quite succeeded. Following in the footsteps of her mother, she feels most at home when performing. She was born in the wagon of a travelling show in a small Bavarian village in Germany called Rimsting. Mama used to dance for the money they’d throw and papa would do whatever he could to preach a little gospel and sell a couple bottles of doctored brew. At a young age she moved over to the North-East of England (hence the accent), to find her fame and fortune, before moving to London to try her luck here.

Describe your performance style in three words.

Camp, Camp, CAMP!

What’s your aesthetic?

Anything I can find that fits. She tries to be classy, but there’s a little bit of trashiness in there and a bit of showgirl too.

What makes you happy?

I’m at my happiest when I’m devouring a huge C…C… crumble (rhubarb) and custard – that’s my go-to food. I also love going on long country walks with the hubby and my two French bulldogs. I especially love walking in the North Yorkshire Dales; standing astride a moor with the wind whistling around my ears is heaven

The world would be a better place without?

I could say politics and religion (except spirituality), dictatorships and capitalism, poverty and famine; but I think I’ll go with those restaurants that serve mushy peas or baked beans in ramekin pots, or custard in a small doll-house size jug – my crumble must be drowning in custard. Oh and burgers served on top of a napkin on your plate. I need that napkin; what’s the point?! 

Who are your top camp icons and influences?

There are so many, but to name just a few: Mrs Shufflewick, Dockyard Doris, Regina Fong, Kenneth Williams, Larry Grayson, Betty Legs Diamond, Dusty O and La Voix.

How would you solve the current Brexit shitshow?

Oh Jason, really, why did you have to ask me a hard question? Honestly, it’s all getting on my tits. I think, as a compromise, we need to become like Norway (and I’m not quite sure what that means). Anyway, how much is this all costing us?

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Kiss my husband.

Who would you invite to a dream drag dinner party?

All of my camp icons listed above would be there – and I’d also invite Michael Twaits, Divine, and you, Jason; yes I’ve seen the pics.

What would your autobiography would be called?

Was That It?

Minogue or Streisand?

Oh don’t, Jason, I can’t choose. BOTH OF THEM! They can come to my dinner party, too.

You’re performing at the next Disabled, Queer and Here. What can we expect from the night?

I am so excited be performing as a proud ally of the disabled LGBT+ community. My husband is deaf (I’m also a qualified British Sign Language interpreter) and so I’m aware of the challenges he faces on a daily basis. At Disabled, Queer and Here we are going to dial up the volume for disabled queer performers. There will be all types of performance on display from drag to dance to spoken word, and even a bit of Shakespeare. We’d love as many of your gorgeous readers to come and support this wonderful and progressive new night!

Maria Hurtz will be performing at Disabled, Queer and Here on Wednesday 17th April at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, London SE11 5HY

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