Insti – The instant kit changing the face of HIV testing

Insti – The instant kit changing the face of HIV testing

Test at home with no waiting and no fuss

If you’ve been in for a sexual health screening, most clinics offer up two choices when it comes to testing for HIV. Either a full blood screening or the quick and easy instant test kit. The NHS has been using instant test kits as part of their screening of sexual health for a while, and now the test is available for you to do at home thanks to the INSTI HIV Self Test.

Here in London we see the highest rates of HIV in the country, with 36% of new diagnoses in 2017 being in London. It’s important that anyone who has an active sex life in the capital to know their status. In the same year studies found that 92% of people with HIV were undiagnosed, meaning that 1 in 12 people living in the UK don’t know they have it.

The test which can be delivered conveniently and discreetly to your home is the world’s fastest HIV test which provides highly accurate results instantly. Their extensive research studies have shown that the test is extremely accurate when performed correctly, with a recent study finding that the test sensitivity was 100%. The test is easy to use, with three simple steps giving you results in under a minute. It has already been used over a million times here in the UK by health specialists, giving people peace of mind when it comes to knowing their HIV status.

When it comes to HIV testing it’s important to get tested every three months in order to stay confident in your HIV status, and maintain your sexual health. The INSTI HIV Self Test kit is an easy way to get yourself tested regularly, allowing you to go about your life.

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