Letter to Secretary of State for Health about social care

Letter to Secretary of State for Health about social care

Rt Hon Matthew Hancock

Secrteary of State for Health and Social Care


17th December 2018


Dear Matt,

I have received a number of moving emails from constituents, ahead of the Government’s promised Green Paper on our broken social care system, highlighting social care as a key issue for people with dementia. 

I am writing in support of the Alzheimer’s Society’s work on social care.  The Government’s chronic underfunding of social care is a scandal and the purpose of this letter is to ask for your response to my view that the distinction between nursing and personal care is false and deeply unfair to those suffering from diseases like dementia. 

NHS principles should also apply to social care because, as my constituents make clear, social care is vital if you suffer from this horrible illness.  I believe in extending the founding NHS principles of pooling risk through taxation and looking after everyone to social care.  That system works for the NHS, with progressive taxation ensuring those with the broadest shoulders bear the greatest burden and all those who need support get it.  It cannot be right for risk to be so unfairly and unevenly distributed in relation to social care, as other models demand. If you do not believe in this principle, please can you set out your plans for finding the money that’s required to meet current and future needs.

I trust you will closely consider the message below as an example of those I am receiving, and look forward to your response.


Yours sincerely,

Source: https://www.carolinelucas.com/caroline/parliament/letter/letter-to-secretary-of-state-for-health-about-social-care

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