Your Love Horoscope For 2019 Is Here

Your Love Horoscope For 2019 Is Here

Happy New Year, Stargazers. Whether you’re single or coupled up, 2019 will be overflowing with romantic energy. Venus — the planet of love and pleasure — is direct all year long which means that you’ll experience her vibrant vibe as she passes through the all twelve houses of the zodiac, and makes a second trip through four. But that doesn’t mean all will be calm and majestic because Jupiter, the planet of luck squares against Neptune three times this year, which might encourage you to set unrealistic expectations in your relationships. You’ll want to watch out for January 13, June 16, and September 21. If you can resist the temptation to set those lofty goals for your partners, Jupiter will inspire everyone while he inhabits his own sign of Sagittarius until December 3. It’s a great year to travel and potentially have a romantic rendezvous in a different country.

Meanwhile, Uranus will help some of us overcome relationship obstacles by bringing clarity to situations that might be a little confusing. And if you’re worried about misunderstandings, you should know that there are three Mercury retrogrades this year. Remember to move slowly and communicate carefully on the following days: March 5 -28, July 7 – 31, and October 31 – November 20.

Ahead, you’ll find a little romantic advice for every sign. Get ready for a year filled with love!

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Single or attached, you’ll find that your romantic life is a whirlwind. Single Aries may find that their options are overwhelming, but it’s a great year to explore options. Aries who are in partnerships will have a difficult time keeping their focus. Lucky Jupiter, your planet of travel, will spend most of 2019 in Sagittarius nudging you to get out and see the world. Uranus, the planet of change will be leaving your sign on March 7, helping you to build a stronger sense of self. This slow-moving planet has been in your first house for the past seven years, redefining your image and self-perception. You know who you are, and almost nothing is more attractive than that! But let’s backtrack to January 20. Your fifth house will host a lunar eclipse in Leo, bringing singles an opportunity to link up with a special someone. If you’re in a relationship, it’s possible that you could welcome a new member to your family. Your fifth house rules children, and eclipses tend to rock our worlds.


You’ll be embracing yourself and your potential this spring when Uranus enters your first house on March 7. If you’re in a relationship, your partner may not recognise you over the next seven years. If you’re single, you’ll explore all of the different sides of yourself, and come out the other end more comfortable in your skin than ever before. If you’re looking for a partner, they will need to be satisfied with your strong ambition! Pluto, your planetary ruler of love, works with taskmaster planet Saturn to assist you with responsibility in your romantic relationships. You need to care for your partner as much as they care for you. Be careful of letting yourself fall into a rut, and seek out new ways to delight your partner. Singles should seek our intellectual stimulation when searching for their special someone. Lucky Jupiter conjoins with your ruling planet Venus twice this year. The first date to remember for a dreamy date night is January 22 when both planets are in adventurous Sagittarius. Mark down November 24 in your calendar as well when Venus and Jupiter make magic again.


Are you ready to rake in the love, Gemini? Jupiter is spending eleven months of the year in your seventh house of relationships. He brings luck wherever he goes, and as your personal planet of love, he’s going to kick things up a notch for both single and partnered Geminis. If you’re in a relationship, you could find yourself taking the next big step this year! Venus, the planet of beauty and charm will also be lending a cosmic hand to help you glow up: She’s moving direct all year so that you can dazzle your love interests, especially from June 8 to July 3 when she inhabits your sign. On March 31, Mars enters your sign enhancing your energy and confidence. He’ll stay there until May 15, helping singles to put themselves out into the dating pool. Balance confidence with vulnerability and you could find yourself entering a loving partnership! On September 28th, a new moon in Libra will open up your fifth house. The fifth house rules creativity, children and true love. Single Geminis could meet a great match, while partnered Geminis planning for children could have the opportunity to expand their family. Mars will get back into the mix on October 3 when he enters your fifth house, which governs pleasure and creativity. You’ll have a laser focus on your romantic relationships until the 19th of November while he stays there.


You’ve got some rules about love, Cancer. This is partially because strict Saturn is your planetary ruler of all things romantic. He stays in your seventh house of love until December 21, creating boundaries for you. Partnered Cancers may have a difficult time getting comfortable at home. Single Cancers may put up too many walls before letting anyone in. The eclipses of January 20 in Leo and July 16 in Capricorn will impact those of you with partners. Each day will help you to eliminate aspects of your relationships that aren’t serving you. If you have a hard time explaining your side of the story, Mercury and Mars will collaborate to help you from June 14 to 19. Partnered Cancers will have an easier time clarifying precisely what they need. Single Cancers will be able to set ground rules with anyone who tries to toy with their hearts. Come March 7, Uranus enters your eleventh house of friendship, and this is great news for single Cancers. As your social circle opens, so will your options. For the next seven years, you’ll have the chance to meet people who challenge and compliment you.


Both single and partnered Leos will need their love interests and partners to keep pace with them this year. Uranus, Leo’s personal planet of love will move from the ninth house of rebirth into their tenth house of honours and career. Throughout the next seven years, changes at work will be of paramount importance. When fame is brought into the mix, Leo can’t help but pine for the spotlight. It would go against their nature to refuse it! Enjoy the ride, as Jupiter inhabits your fifth house of pleasure until early December. While you’re occupied with your plans to take over the world, don’t forget to get outside and pursue love! Venus and Jupiter will conjoin in adventurous Sagittarius on January 22. Both single and attached Leos should venture outside in the pursuit of romance. Plan a rendezvous to warm your heart and memories.


A solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 or 6 (depending on where you live) could help you to make some stark realisations about your love life, Virgo. Neptune, your personal planet of love is living it up in your seventh house of relationships. When looking for a connection, you need to tune into Neptune’s dreamy qualities. Seek out people who hold a zest for life and a search for deeper meaning. The nature of Neptune is one of intuition — if you’re single and looking for someone to complete you, they shouldn’t be broken down into a list of pros and cons. If you’re in a relationship, lucky Jupiter will help you build a strong foundation at home while he travels through your first house. Build your relationship by nesting, and improving on your living space. Saturn will enter your fifth house this year, making any item on your to-do list a joy to cross out. The fifth house rules true love and entertainment. So if you’re single, invite your dates over to your home. If you’re happiest when you’re getting organised, you might be able to find a great new place to move into with your partner.


Jupiter helps you to make your intentions clear to potential partners while he moves through your third house of communication until early December. Both single and partnered Libras will find that their partners will be dazzled by their humour and conversations. On March 7, you could find yourself exploring a more sexually adventurous side when Uranus moves into your eighth house of regeneration and sex. Experimentation is how we find out what we like! Try a little bit of everything with your partners and make sure you have a safe word over the next seven years. The planet of transformation has previously spent his past seven years in your seventh house of relationships. As soon as he moves out of this house, you’ll feel more stable in your romantic partnerships.


Venus your love planet moves direct all year, and she’s moving fast. Single Scorpios may find that they are continually changing their romantic focus as she passes through the twelve houses and then four more again before 2020 arrives. Partnered Scorpios will feel similarly, but it will keep the love life exciting! On March 7th, Uranus, the planet of transformation will move from your sixth house of health into your seventh house of relationships. As you notice that your well being improves over the year, challenges and changes arrive in your relationships. It’s nothing that you can’t handle! Uranus also rules your home and family life, so try to think of the events that will take place over the next seven years as an evolution of your soul.


You’ve got luck on your side this year, Sagittarius! Jupiter, your ruling planet, will lend his beautiful energy to all areas of your life as he rides through his sign and your first house. He’ll stay there until early December. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll want to share the joy of travel with your partner. Make sure that you plan ahead and take them with you wherever you go so that you can look back on your shared experiences with fondness. Thanks to Jupiter’s positive vibes, single Sags could meet someone while abroad! Mercury, your personal planet of love goes retrograde three times this year from March 5 to 28, July 7 to 31, and October 31 to November 20. If you’re planning a getaway, make sure to avoid these dates for less than spectacular travel snafus. Venus and Jupiter will conjoin twice this year in your own sign on January 22 and November 24. This movement will give you that special something that the objects of your affection will find hard to resist. Uranus, the planetary ruler of transformation, will leave your fifth house of true love on March 7th, helping to relax your romantic endeavours.


Your relationships will be influenced by more than a few movements this year, Capricorn. 2019 will be more about personal change with regard to love. Your planetary ruler of love will undergo three solar and two lunar eclipses. The first of the bunch arrives as a partial solar eclipse on January 5-6 (depending on where you live) in your own sign and in your eighth house. It will take place between your ruling planet Saturn, and Pluto, the planet of transformation. If you’re in a relationship, talk to your partner about their finances so that no surprises arrive. Our first lunar eclipse begins on January 20th – 21 (depending on where you live) during the full moon in Leo. This eclipse also inhabits your 8th house, bringing any matters of debts that your partner needs to take care of to the surface again. The second solar eclipse shows up on July 2nd in Cancer for the third trip in your sixth house. This will affect partnered Capricorns and their significant other’s finances. On July 16, a partial lunar eclipse arrives in your sign shake up your romantic relationship and friendships. Feel free to cut ties when absolutely necessary. Our last eclipse comes on December 26 with a total eclipse in your sign. Uranus, the planet of innovation will be moving into your fifth house of creativity, true love and children on March 7th. The next seven years will hold its share of surprises for you regarding the expansion of your family and love interests! Singles, be on your guard as you never know who could end up being a partner for life. In a relationship and thinking about kids? You may end with an unexpected addition.


We’ve got five eclipses coming up in 2019, Aquarius. These will help you realise how you need to move forward, and conclude aspects of your romantic relationships. Your personal planet of love is the sun, and when his light is obscured, you will need to make decisions about how you want to help your love life move forward. On January 5, the solar eclipse in Capricorn will occur in your twelfth house of spirituality and unconscious. If you’re single, you may have some profound realisations around this date that you can no longer ignore. Prioritise your beliefs and move forward to find deeper self-satisfaction. If you’re looking to find a new partner, you must become a whole person first. On January 20, the lunar eclipse in Leo will help both single and partnered Aqua’s face some facts relating to both current and potential partners. This lunar eclipse occurs in your seventh house of love. You may butt heads over how many hours you put in at the office since the moon is your planetary ruler of career. Uranus arrives in your 4th house of home and family in early March. He’s shaking up your living conditions and closest relationships for the next seven years. These changes can affect how open you are to both giving and receiving love. Keep your heart light by remembering to roll with the punches.


2019 will hold few dramas for you, as your seventh house of love is only occupied by Mercury, your personal planet of love. The fastest moving planet will retrograde three times this year, and you’ll notice that it’s a little harder to make plans. Don’t fret! Mercury conjoins with your planetary ruler Neptune from March 24 to 31. This will help singles to meet more potential partners that jive with their sensitive souls. Uranus, the planet of transformative change moves into your third house of communication on March 7, introducing new ways to connect with others. He will help you revamp the way that you make yourself heard for the next seven years. Be open to it! The Mercury retrograde of July 7 to the 31 could be a more emotional time. The messenger planet moves backward through fellow water sign Cancer from July 19 to August 11. You’ll be back to full power when Mercury gains direct speed in your seventh house from August 23 to September 22. Live it up and enjoy your summer with your partner or a few new faces! The third retrograde of the year happens from October 31 to November 20, in your ninth house of travel and adventure. Although your love planet is retrograde, you could find yourself wanting to get away from the daily grind and spice things up overseas.

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