Make these Easy DIY Leather Coasters

Make these Easy DIY Leather Coasters
Mama needs a drink…

Having a baby is been ushc a huge change, heart is exploding with love but also brain is exploding from tiredness… And I have to say when I put her to bed at night I can’t wait for a sneaky glass of wine. All you mothers out there deserve it! In the meantime, why not try out a very easy craft project? These leather coasters are a great little update to your cocktail cart.

DIY Leather Coasters

DIY Leather Coasters

Before you cut up your leather, it can be a good idea to apply some leather conditioner so that they don’t stain. This is particularly useful if you are using natural coloured leather like this. We used a shoe leather conditioner that worked well!

Since the leather we used is soft and not very thick, we’re going to add a corkboard base for added stiffness – this will also help to maintain the shape.  Trace around the rim of a glass or small plate. 


Cut the circular corkboard bases out.


Add a generous amount of industrial grade glue to the corkboard base.


Then attach the glued side of the corkboard bases to the wrong side of the leather. Pack them as close together as possible, so that you won’t waste too much leather. 


Allow the glue to dry, before cutting the coasters out. We suggest leaving a heavy book over the glued pieces as you allow the glue to dry. 


DIY Leather Coasters

DIY Leather Coasters

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