What People Are Searching For On Pinterest As Autumn Approaches

What People Are Searching For On Pinterest As Autumn Approaches
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Much as you probably don’t want to admit it, summer is pretty much over. We’re into September now, a time when many of us take stock (and a breath) before the madness of Christmas kicks into gear.

According to the folks at Pinterest, it’s also a time when Brits start searching for inspiration in four key areas – all relating to streamlining and improving our lifestyles.

“Over the years, we’ve seen the end of summer become a distinct and significant moment on Pinterest when people want to make personal changes to refresh their routines, set goals, get organised and most importantly, stay positive,” says Pinterest’s Enid Hwang.

“We call this mindset ‘back to life’ and find that people have a specific intent around what they’re thinking and feeling as they use Pinterest.”

So, scroll through this slideshow to find out which searches are really proving popular on Pinterest right now.

Life organisation

It’s no surprise that Pinterest users are keen to organise their lives as the (relatively) carefree fun of summer comes to an end. Searches for organisation videos are on the rise as people seek tips on how to declutter their homes and streamline their wardrobes. And as more of us embrace eco-friendly fashion and beauty, sustainable lifestyle searches are also proving popular.


Searches for self-care routine inspo are on the rise, as are searches for productive day routine and weekend routine ideas. The folks at Pinterest also say that drinks for clear skin is a significant search trend for 2019. Meanwhile, other popular drinks-related searches include Korean banana milk, Indian drinks, dragon fruit drink and lavender recipes drinks. Are you feeling thirsty yet?


This trend is very easy to welcome indeed. The folks at Pinterest say that searches for acne positivity, stretch marks positivity, body hair positivity and cellulite positivity are all on the rise. Searches for tips on how to radiate positivity are also proving popular as people seek to take their sunny summer outlook into the autumn.

Goal setting

Again, it’s not hugely surprising that people are searching for advice relating to life goals and goal planning as they embrace the “back to school” vibes of autumn. Specific trends in this area include searches for dream house plans and travel dreams. Well, it’s never too early to plan next year’s big summer holiday, is it?

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p align=”left”>Source: https://www.refinery29.uk/en-gb/2019/09/241926/pinterest-august-september-searches?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=rss

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