Skinfinity: Soho’s new cosmetic clinic

Skinfinity: Soho’s new cosmetic clinic

Freshen up after Pride weekend

There was a time when cosmetic treatments were thought to be only for women of a certain age who wanted to turn themselves into Pamela Anderson. Now, it’s become common practice to have a little maintenance work done, with everyone from your high powered chief exec to your gardener suddenly turning up to work looking rejuvenated. Gay men are notorious for maintaining their looks, which is why Skinfinity’s latest clinic in the heart of Soho makes perfect sense.

Perched on the corner of Soho Square, the clinic offers a range of services that are administered by their staff of clinical experts. They specialise in non-surgical treatments that are less invasive alternatives to going under the knife. Often able to be performed in your lunch hour, these treatments are far less of a hassle, giving you the freedom to freshen up your look effectively and far qmore quickly than surgical options. Their Nose Reshaping treatment uses dermal fillers as a safe alternative to undergoing a full rhinoplasty for a straighter-looking nose. One of their popular treatments is that for excessive sweating, where anti-wrinkle injections are given to the skin of the armpit. This treatment can make going to the gym a far less embarrassing affair, having to no longer worry about the dark stains forming under your arm. The Skinfinity clinic can also help with other areas of personal discomfort, like acne scarring, for which they offer a combination of highly-effective treatments.  

New to the clinic in Soho Square is Dr Rafiq who became a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners back in 2017 and undertook his Aesthetics training at the esteemed Harley Academy in London. At the clinic, he’s dedicated to delivering natural-looking results for customers looking to turn back the clock a few years. Whether it’s through Dermal Fillers or wrinkle-relaxing injections, getting rid of those wrinkles has never been easier.

If you’re looking to do a little pruning ahead of the holiday season, then book yourself an appointment. To celebrate the launch of their new clinic, Skinfinity is offering 10% off their treatments throughout July. With a range of cosmetic treatments up for offer, why not bring along a friend who’s also looking to get a little something done. If you bring along a friend, you can enjoy an extra 5% off. T&Cs apply.

Skinfinity Clinic, Soho Square General Practice, 1 Frith Street, Soho W1D 3HZ. Book online at

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