Slick Woods Talks To R29 About Coachella, Style & New Motherhood

Slick Woods Talks To R29 About Coachella, Style & New Motherhood

Surely one of the most memorable fashion moments of the last six months was Slick Woods going into labour while she was modelling at Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show last September during New York Fashion Week. Looking incredible in thigh-high stockings, nipple pasties, and a harness, the 22-year-old model continued to pose, despite being 2 cm dilated. What a badass.

But then Slick Woods is the ultimate original. Since being discovered by the model Ash Stymest at a LA bus stop in 2015, Woods has come to be known as one of the coolest models in the game. Outspoken and free spirited, her gap-toothed smile is now known the world over. On the eve of Coachella festival, we caught up with Slick at the UGG + Desert X party in Palm Springs to talk about festival style, motherhood and finally beating Gigi and Bella to a modelling award.

Hi Slick, so Coachella is this weekend, talk to me about your festival style. Do you spend much time working out your outfits?

Nah I just pack my uniform, put it in a backpack, then mix and match on the day. I was gonna wear overalls today but my makeup artist told me not to!

Who are you looking forward to seeing play at Coachella?

I don’t even know who’s playing yet! Music at Coachella is usually a little too mainstream for me. I like trap music. Future, Gucci Mane, things like that.

What’s your food and drink of choice at a festival?

Tacos and Jameson whisky. I was at Ireland airport one time and someone made me try Jameson. I love it.

You’re out here in Palm Springs working with UGG. How’s that?

I feel like this new UGG collection has gone to a new level. I wear these slides and I feel like a Korean rapper. You can wear the furry ones, Le Fluff, and go to the club.

UGG have collaborated with Desert X to produce original artwork around the desert, are you much of an art person?

I love my friend Cory Wash’s work, she’s super dope. She does everything with a Sharpie. I keep all her art in my house. Everything she makes, I buy it. Malik Roberts is dope. I like street style art.

It’s Mother’s Day in the US next month, the first since you gave birth last September. Are you going to do anything?

I mean I don’t know if my son’s gonna say “Happy Mother’s Day” that soon but we’ll see! He’ll just want food and I’ll be all, “Yes master!”

How are you finding being a parent?

It’s good, I have fun, he’s a fun kid. He doesn’t really cry, he’s just a happy-go-lucky guy. He wakes up, looks around and is like, “How the fuck did I get here?” and I’m like “I carried you!”

I read that last year at Coachella you were pregnant but you hadn’t realised it yet?

Well before it I kept throwing up so we went to two different doctors and they both said I had the stomach flu and gave me medication. Then I came to Coachella and my agent was like, ‘You don’t have abs anymore’ and I was like ‘What does that mean?’ Turns out I was pregnant at the time. It was crazy. Saphir’s a wild baby.

Do you think the fashion industry is doing enough to ensure diversity?

I don’t know if it’s getting better or worse because I feel like sometimes people fetishise us instead of using us because they actually want to be inclusive, you know?

What’s been your proudest moment in your career to date?

I won Model of the Year [at the Fashion Los Angeles Awards] like two or three weeks ago and I was like ‘Wow! Me?! Not Bella and Gigi again?’ The Pirelli calendar was a big thing for me too. And being the face of Fenty for so long was amazing, I loved that.

Are you over being asked about going into labour at the Fenty show?

No, I never get bored of talking about my son! Never. My son is my pride and joy.

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