Hallelujah! Sun Hats Are Actually Cool This Summer

Hallelujah! Sun Hats Are Actually Cool This Summer
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Much like the tropical shirt, the chunky sandal and the belt bag, the sun hat is no longer the preserve of tourist dads but rather fashion’s coolest. Having made its way from the heads of middle-aged men taking photos of the Mona Lisa to, well, our heads this festival season, it’s time to celebrate the hat in all its humble glory.

That said, don’t save it for Glastonbury – 2019’s iteration isn’t a Gallagher-esque bucket hat but a sweet hybrid of Britpop’s favourite headgear and the kind of hat your mum would force you to wear as a child on holiday. Floppy brimmed, but not in a full-on Jacquemus way, the best ones are cotton, tie-dye or floral, and shade your face without obscuring your view.

For tips on how to style it, look to Blanca Miró, whose own label La Veste has the cutest gingham offering, or to Ganni ‘s girls, who are touting the brand’s rainproof patent hats (perfect for the unpredictable British summer) as well as their more optimistic pastel-hued pieces. If loud, sunny prints aren’t your style, look to COS and Arket for the minimalist’s take in navy and ecru.

As for us, we’re teaming ours with an Aries tee, slip skirt, Teva sandals and stacks of colourful beaded jewellery. Sun protection never looked so good.

Click through to see the best sun hats of the summer.

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p align=”left”>Source: https://www.refinery29.uk/en-gb/sun-hats-summer?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=rss

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