R29 Tries The Trend: Everyday Swimwear

R29 Tries The Trend: Everyday Swimwear

While we enjoy choosing the swimwear we’ll be donning pool-side each summer, selecting a bikini or one-piece can lack the enthusiasm given to the season’s other purchases, like the perfect sundress or pair of sandals. When we’ll only be wearing swim-appropriate pieces a handful of times (you can’t rely on a British summer, and there’s only so many beach holidays us mortals can afford), it can feel wasteful to spend a huge amount on a piece, and so we find ourselves panic-buying on Oxford Street the night before our flight.

We were stuck in the same cycle until we saw SS18’s shows, which were awash with gorgeous swimwear which was styled in a way appropriate for every day. Rather than being sent down the catwalk in the pieces alone, models at Alberta Ferretti, Fenty x PUMA and Jour/Né all proved that swimwear can double up and work for 9-5, bar-hopping, and Sunday strolling.

Then, at Couture Fashion Week in Paris this June, Vogue Ukraine fashion director Julie Pelipas was shot wondering the streets in a one-piece swimsuit, paired with loose trousers, a tan belt and some mules – and voilà, the perfect summer look was born.

Inspired by the nonchalance that comes with wearing swimwear for everyday, we tried the trend, styling our editorial intern Kara 5 ways. Click through to see how we turned swimwear from a pool-side staple to a hardworking hero.

The fabric of this swimsuit was a bit stiff for my taste. The colour is phenomenal, but I would stick with wearing it at the beach. The real winner of this outfit is the Ganni skirt. The adjustable wrap waist makes it super comfortable, and I wrapped it a bit higher than my natural waistline to give a more cinched silhouette. The utilitarian look of the Dr Martens sandals balances out the femininity of the rest of the look.

Swimsuit, Monki; skirt, Ganni; sandals, Dr Martens.

Photographed by Anna Jay.

I loved the adjustable straps of this suit, a feature not many one pieces have, so definitely a win – plus I’m a sucker for yellow! Notice the red stitching on the white trousers? It adds a subtle detail to the outfit. I like the light and sunny combination of this get-up.

Swimsuit, COS; trousers, Whistles; sandals, model’s own; fan, model’s own.

Photographed by Anna Jay.

I’m absolutely here for the bike shorts trend. This look was one of my favourites – a bit too sporty for the office but a badass day look that will have me trying athleisure more often. The Nike swimsuit felt like shapewear. It really smoothed my silhouette and gave the outfit a sleek look which I loved.

The FILA trainers made me feel like a bonafide streetstyler. I’ve always been a bit cautious to try the trend, and some people look incredible in them but, for me, they were a bit too clunky for everyday. I’ll leave the ‘ugly’ trainers to the sartorial pros.

Swimsuit, Nike; shirt, model’s own; shorts, model’s own; shoes, FILA.

Photographed by Anna Jay.

Hunza G is known for its towelled swimsuit fabric, which made me a bit skeptical at first. In reality? It was honestly one of the most comfortable swimsuits I have ever worn. Wearing it was like I had wrapped myself in a soft, stretchy baby’s blanket.

I’ve never been a huge fan of flares, but these H&M trousers have absolutely converted me. Finding perfect fitting jeans is a struggle for me, but as soon as I slipped these on, they felt custom-fit. They made me feel more confident, like Pam Grier from the blaxploitation films of the 70s. The only hitch was the length, but next time I’ll be pairing with heels.

Swimsuit, Hunza G; trousers, H&M; shoes, Topshop.

Photographed by Anna Jay.

Jurassic Park meets safari mum chic? Whatever you want to call this look, I love it. The khaki linen shorts are for every woman who usually feels like a child in denim shorts. Add the super comfortable Teva sandals and boxy shirt I’m ready to go hiking in style.

Let’s talk about the bikini. The colour is great, and I’ll be trying more neon for the season ahead, but if you do buy it, go up a few sizes. I’m not an ample-chested woman and my breasts were struggling to breathe. I was worried that my nipples would escape at any moment…

Shirt, Kitri; bikini, Topshop; shorts, Jaeger; shoes, Teva

Photographed by Anna Jay.

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