By: sliver76

By: sliver76

Hi Euan,

Thanks so much for taking the time to provide your comments, it is greatly appreciated and really helps me to improve future reviews. To answer your points, this for me was the closest I have come in Brighton to the pizzas I have eaten on the streets of Italy.

The dough was the perfect balance of crisp enough at the crust yet thin and floppy, though perfectly cooked in the middle. The sauce was well seasoned with oregano in the traditional manner but, was not overly thick as can often be the case allowing the sweet taste of the Proscuitto to steal the show. You could see and taste that all the ingredients were of a good quality.

I have not eaten at Fatto a Mano yet but, compared to Nuposto this was far superior. There the ham and sauce were both over salted and it generally felt like there was no care put into the production. With the Real Italian Pizza Company, you have the owner himself making the pizza and ensuring that each and every one is served to the highest standard. Being so close to the van you can see the thought that goes into the careful placement of each topping, ensuring just the right amount of sauce and cheese is added to balance the flavours as intended. To me, this optimises why buying from small independents is always the best decision.

Thanks again, I will certainly keep these comments in mind for future posts, great to see you are enjoying them and please leave more feedback in the future.

Cheers, Takeaway Boy


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