3 Women Test Drive Kim Kardashian West Carolina Lemke Tiny Sunglasses

3 Women Test Drive Kim Kardashian West Carolina Lemke Tiny Sunglasses
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It’s hard (read: damn near impossible) to pull off the tiny sunglasses trend without looking like an extra from The Matrix. And yet, every day, on my commute to work, I pass a woman wearing a pair of mirror-lens, miniature frames and looking impossibly cool. Each sighting makes me want to retire the same oval-shaped pair I always wear (or the occasional cat-eye when I’m feeling trendy) in favour of tiny sunglasses that convey just the right amount of confidence.

As someone who once hid behind oversize sunglasses when I wanted to shield myself from the world (when I had tired eyes from overworking or an acne flare up that makeup couldn’t obscure), tiny shades represent a boldness that I haven’t quite conquered yet. There’s a look-at-me attitude that just emanates from the wearer, like you’re channeling The Matrix stars. Think Keanu Reeves in a sweeping black trench or Jada Pinkett-Smith in leather and bantu knots.

It was that movie that I had in mind when I threw on a pair of tiny black shades from the new Kim Kardashian x Carolina Lemke collection and headed downtown on a hot summer day. With 2 other Refinery29 fashion editors in tow, I set out to conquer my fear of wearing tiny sunglasses — and of moving through the world with confidence. Read on for our mini-reviews.

Eliza Huber, Fashion Market Writer

I’m all for the tiny sunglass trend, but I’ll be honest, when I first heard that KKW was designing a pair, I wasn’t sure they’d be up my alley. However, when they arrived in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised by their shape, colour and overall fit on my face.

The mirrored lenses gave my leopard print slip dress a more modern look and for once, I actually thought these sunglasses protected my eyes from the sun.

All in all, I’d definitely take these Neo-approved tiny sunglasses out for another ride before the summer’s up.

Kim Kardashian West Carolina Lemke Sand Sunglasses in Light Gold, $71.66, available at Carolina Lemke

Jessica Andrews, Deputy Fashion Director

Can I pull off KKW-style tiny sunglasses? The verdict is still out. In the past, I’d only wear cat eye and oversize styles because tiny sunglasses look so awkward on me!

But I found this pair to be way more flattering than expected. And if I wear them a bit lower on my nose, they look even better.

I must’ve channeled some of that aforementioned Matrix -level confidence, because I decided to style them with a leopard print Ganni dress and a red lip care of Fenty Beauty (who am I?!). Next time, I’ll try a vintage leather jacket and jeans.

To be totally honest, I won’t wear tiny sunglasses every day but I’ll pull them out when I’m feeling a bit bolder than usual.

Kim Kardashian West Carolina Lemke Sand Sunglasses In Shiny Black, $71.66, available at Carolina LemkePhotographed by Sophie Hur.

Channing Hargrove, Fashion News Editor

I’m not a fan of the tiny glasses trend, I hate to say. I don’t think the silhouette works with my big head. My face isn’t super symmetric so I really overthought what to wear with this style of glasses.

I wanted to wear them in a way that is a little more sleek than my typical style but ended up falling back on my old standby: a silk slip dress. I probably should have channeled something more Kim K-eques (think cool girl in her bike shorts and tank top). Fail all around for me.

Kim Kardashian West Carolina Lemke Sand Sunglasses in Silver, $77.66, available at Carolina LemkePhotographed by Sophie Hur.

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